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2019 Appearances

Awesome Con 4/26-4/28
Denver Pop Culture Con 5/31-6/2
Portland Indie Con 6/29-6/30
San Diego Comic Con 7/17-7/21 
Rose City Comic Con 9/13-9/15


Currently, drawing up a storm, in the hyperbolic sense, not magical, although maybe one day I will be able to control the weather with my pencil. Just to clarify, I also draw storms every now and then, not out-of-a-hat or anything like that, I’m just practicing illustrating clouds.

In 2007 I obtained my B.F.A. in Animation from the Savannah College of Art & Design. Since then I have worked as a freelance graphic, web, and motion designer for a wide range of clients across the country. Recently, I set all that aside to focus on the dreams of my 5-year-old-self, which are, in no particular order: befriend a dinosaur, consume a strict diet of ice cream and cookies, use a jetpack as my primary means of transportation, live in a lighthouse, and spend my days drawing stories.



I am available for freelance illustration / sketch art / storyboarding / comic art / character design / concept art. I work for companies from Los Angeles to London and many places in between.

If you are a company looking to hire me for freelance or a gallery interested in showing my work, shoot me an email at lawler.colin@gmail.com.

You can view my most current work through one of the social media links below.